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Programs & Coverages: Commercial Umbrella Program, CondoPak: Property and General Liability Package Program for Community Associations, RECOVER: Storage Tank & Site Pollution Program

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Company Description

New Empire Group is a nationally recognized insurance program administrator providing specialty insurance products for commercial real estate exposures. Licensed in all 50 states, New Empire Group serves over 1,000 agents, brokers and MGA's nationwide.

We currently offer the following programs and products:

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Programs & Coverages

Commercial Umbrella Program

New Empire Group offers exceptional rates for multiple high limit umbrella programs ranging from $1,000,000 up to $100,000,000 for commercial real estate risks, including Condominiums, Cooperatives, Community Associations, Homeowners Associations, Superior Apartment Complexes, and other Commercial Real Estate exposures.

The New Empire Umbrella program is admitted in all 50 states with AM Best 'A' rated carriers or better.

 •  Low Premium Rates!
 •  High Limits up to $100 Million
 •  Excellent Coverage Form
 •  Admitted Paper in ALL 50 States
 •  Quick Quote and Bind 

Targeted Habitational Classes:
Condominium Associations
 •  Cooperatives
 •  Community Associations
 •  Homeowners Associations (HOA's)
 •  Superior Apartment Complexes
 •  Independent Living Residences
 •  Senior Housing (Market Rate) 

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CondoPak: Property and General Liability Package Program for Community Associations

CondoPak is an exclusive package program through New Empire Group that provides a comprehensive property and general liability policy for non-frame condominiums, cooperatives and community associations to select appointed brokers.  CondoPak offers exceptional rates for risks up to $40 million, and our Diamond, Diamond Elite and Diamond Ultra broadening endorsements provide over 25 additional enhanced coverage features.

Coverage Highlights Include:
 •  Extended Replacement Cost
 •  Earthquake Coverage
 •  Ordinance or Law Coverage
 •  Backup of Sewage and Drains / Water Damage
 •  Flood
 •  Employee Dishonesty
 •  Equipment Breakdown
 •  Business Income and Extra Expenses

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RECOVER: Storage Tank & Site Pollution Program

RECOVER is a storage tank and site pollution program for commercial real estate exposures, including condominium associations, cooperatives, community associations, and apartment buildings.  Environmental liability occurrences for real estate tend to be large, expensive and complicated.  The RECOVER program addresses those risks with bodily injury, property damage, and clean-up expenses arising from the release of contaminants for those buildings that qualify.

 •  A++ Rated Carrier  •  $50M Program Aggregate  •  Quick Quote and Bind Process

Coverage Highlights Include:
 •  Underground and aboveground tank spills
 •  Contingent transportation coverage
 •  Illicit abandonment coverage
 •  Coverage provided for claims and remediation costs
 •  On-site cleanup of new conditions (excluding lead or asbestos)
 •  Third party claims for on-site bodily injury for asbestos and/or lead
 •  Third party claims for off-site cleanup resulting from new conditions (excluding lead or asbestos)

* Underground tanks more than 25 years old are not eligible for coverage.

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